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I heard your voice. I am taking action. But I will not be alone in this endeavour. I want it to be known I support President Donald J. Trump and America First. To Make America Great Again. In President Trump's term in office, he boosted the economy, with the DOW reaching 31,000 points. Bringing jobs and industry back from China. Collecting tariffs and withdrawing from global programs. Americans first. Lowering unemployment and reducing government regulation. We desire to continue these policies. We need to bring back the House and Senate to Republican control in 2022 and the White House in 2024. My plan is simple. To represent you and your family in the Congress to bring back jobs and monetary stability to or district. I'm not running to become a celebrity politician. I am servant at heart. I feel your pain. Likewise, I understand the sacrifices a lot of families have made this past year because of the COVID-19 crisis. Many businesses closed their doors, leaving thousands unemployed. Many lost their homes and fell into bankruptcy. This cannot continue to happen. That is why I have developed an economic package to restart our economy meanwhile rebuilding our district. I want to fix our state roads and bridges. Proved tax incentives for companies, so they can reboot our economy while hiring many of our residents. I want to bring in military contracting firms that build aircraft for our military. 
Some of my plans include:

1. Strong national defense
2. Rebuilding our military
3. Projecting our military presence
4. Bringing defense corporations to our district
5. Tax cuts for the working middle class
6. Small Business tax incentives
7. Pro agri business and Increased farmer subsidies
8. Low-interest loans to farmers for new machinery
9. Cut big tech pharmaceutical costs
10. Streamline FDA regulations for medications,
11. Medical vouchers for seniors and the disabled for medical equipment.
12. Travel tickets for seniors and the handicapped,
13. School choice programs,
14. School vouchers
15. Day care vouchers for single parents,
16. Increased veteran healthcare and programs,
17. Veteran housing program,
18. Higher Education incentives
19. Increase trade vocational training,
20. Police Qualified Immunity and protections


Committee to Elect Charlie Helmick
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