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"Taking back America" 
Welcome to Charlie Helmick for Congress

 My name is Charlie Helmick and I'm running for Congress in the 17th District covering the Illinois Quad Cities, then south towards Macomb, East to Peoria to Rockford. I am a Conservative Republican. Let me begin by telling you I love my country and our Constitution. I need to let you know now that I support my President, Donald J. Trump. I believe in America First and I treasure those ideals. Furthermore, I believe in our laws and this magnificent Country. I am pro 2nd amendment and I believe it is a right for an American to defend his or her family with a weapon that he has a right to own. The right of free speech. Not to be censored by big tech social media companies. I stand against the activists that want to corrupt our American values with their socialist ideas.  I will fight Joe Biden and the Democrats to lower taxes and reduce government regulations. This State and Nation is in a financial crisis. The State of Illinois is on the fringe of bankruptcy. America is on the brink of collapse. We call for leaders to step up. It begins with the Congress and that is why im running.

My plan is to take the fight to Washington. I will not be a part-time Representative. I will dedicate every hour to develop legislation to restore our state and country. I will help develop laws to implement the proper healthcare to our residents. Furthermore, I want to fight for our senior residents. Their families have forgotten many and are on fixed budgets with increasing pharmaceutical costs.  I want to lower those medical costs and create vouchers to support their everyday lives. I want to advocate for our veteran warriors. So, they receive the support needed to live productive lives. To eliminate the vet homeless. To provide them with homes and better VA healthcare. To offer them government jobs without the obstacles. To represent the single parents and to give them a shot at having a job and providing them with day care vouchers. I won't be beholden to corrupt politicians. Only to my constituents. Unlike the establishment Democrats, I will listen to the people of my district. I will answer every call or e-mail because you are important to me.

The Democrats want to be politically correct and report to the “Global green deal” I believe that is a false narrative and our wealth and attention belong here in America. They want us to have battery powered cars that will rob Illinois farmers from producing ethanol for fuel. China stands to profit from this, and we cannot allow this to happen. Our money belongs here to rebuild our communities and infrastructure. To build a powerful military and NATO alliance. To address the China and Russian menace. When I am in office, I will fight for our nation and to protect this country. This country is being sold-out brick by brick by Joe Biden and his crooked Democrat friends. I will stop them cold with our power in the Congress. So they cannot give not one more dollar to terrorist regimes and our greatest Middle East threat, Iran. We lost Afghanistan now. what's next? New York or LA? I need your help to fight the same ones that stole our democracy the last election. Soon we will Take Back America with our Congress and President Trump leading our country again!

Charlie Helmick for Congress 🇺🇸

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022 8:43 AM

Busy week for Charlie ahead on the campaign trail

This week has Charlie very busy meeting the public and traveling with Peggy Hubbard candidate for US Senate,  Look at his calendar of events page for all the details, make sure you go out to all and any of these great event to meet your candidate for Congress and meet Ms. Peggy Hubbard, you wont be disappointed. 

Charlie has visited all the 17th district counties met the Chairman's and got to know many precinct committeeman.  He has attended a many Lincoln Day dinners, quad city honor flights, Rock Island arsenal events.  

Sunday, February 20, 2022 10:51 AM

Charlie Helmick On The Road

Charlie was busy this past week getting petition signatures, and visiting various places in the 17th district, he was in St. Charles for the rally Un Mask Our Children with keynote speakers, Tom Devore and Charlie Kirk, and ended the week at the Riverfront Grill for a great fundraiser, with the Illinois Freedom Alliance sponsoring the event, there was  a silent auction, a yummy meal, great speakers and lots of fun. Charlie even sang America The Beautiful, what a wonderful fun filled night. 

Friday, February 11, 2022 1:08 PM

Charlie Helmick On The Road

Charlie Helmick is on the road this week stopping at cafes, gun shops, resturants, committee meetings, different businesses, and grass root breakfast clubs in the 17th district, getting petitions signed  to get his word out there and get his name on the primary ballot on June 28th 2022.  He is a truthful man, a man that will change the way things are today, will help bring jobs back, tax incentives for companies, fix roads and bridges, the list is long but he will do what he promises, please join us in this, sign his petitions, go to his events, contribute to his campaign, join us at his fundraiser on the 18th of February in Rock Island Ill.   

Committee to Elect Charlie Helmick
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